About Us

As Dafy Textile, we are proceeding our sales at our stores in Osmanbey and Laleli while at the same time our own production process continues at the production center which is progressing in ana expeditious manner. As we are able to respond customer demands ranging from Europe to African and Arabian countries and we are keen on technology, we can manufacture all of our own designs within our own contexture and we can make our customer’s designs work in the right manner via our experiences.
Along with this, we are employing the fason factories through our own quality control team. In this respect our production capacity is 50.000 units per month. As Dafy Textile we produce all kind of female and male shirts. At the same time, together with our asociates we produce all kind of female and male clothing (pants, jackets, suits, coat, jacket, skirt, etc…) products. If you would like to form a business partnership with us we will be glad to see you at our firm. Our purpose is absolute customer plasure.